That is the only way we can take back control of our organization and ensure
that we can enjoy ourselves. Several Chapters have already done this by expelling
persons who have caused problems. When you do expel someone, take their
membership card. If they are from another Chapter, notify that Chapter. The main
Clamper website has email addresses for each Chapter. If your Chapter decides to
remove a person from your Chapter, let other Chapters know the person’s name and the
reason. If your Chapter does not currently check membership cards at check in, I highly
suggest you do. It's a simple procedure and may keep an unauthorized person from
gaining access to your Doins' and causing problems. If a person appears at your Doins'
with no proof of membership other than wearing a red shirt, do you let them in? How do
you know they are old enough to be there? How do you know if he's even a Clamper? If
your Chapter is serving alcohol you could be liable. You have the authority, power and
the responsibility to do this. Each Chapter can develop its own rules on this matter. The
Board of Proctors does not want to dictate how to run your events. That is up to you.
However, I can't imagine a Chapter wanting to continue to foster this mentality among
I have followed Facebook and other social media comments concerning this matter lately
and I'm enthused by the overwhelming amount of comments from people who have
these same thoughts and who are also tired of the activities of a few people.
Unfortunately, the actions of a few get all the notice and all the good activities by
Chapters are largely ignored. I do not generally comment on Facebook because I do not
want to get into a pissing match with some of our detractors. Unfortunately there will be
those who will condemn my comments. That's OK, I can handle it and I realize it comes
with the territory. My hope is to educate the uneducated and congratulate those who
are doing their best to make E Clampus Vitus® better than ever.,
I would also like to comment about unauthorized groups claiming membership in E
Clampus Vitus®. Our webpage, (, contains a list of all authorized Chapters.
If you go to a Doins' not on this list you, are hurting the efforts of E Clampus Vitus® to
maintain our Order. I realize people have friends in Chapters that have lost their
Charter, or unauthorized groups that have persons who have lost their membership in E
Clampus Vitus® for cause. Decisions that were made by the Board of Proctors and
ratified by Grand Council were not easy. They were made after all the facts were
presented and much serious debate. Chapter Charters were pulled because, 9 years of
attempting to rectify these issues within Chapters by, putting them on Probation, was
not working. Some Chapters wore the fact of being put on Probation by Grand Council,
as a badge of honor. I can tell you this, any Chapter that lost its Charter, was due to
mistreatment of PBC's. Some Chapters neglected to follow the guidelines put into effect
by Grand Council for the protection of PBC's. We do not, and will not, condone any
treatment of PBC's that put them in danger of injury or illness.
The E Clampus Vitus® Inc. has only four (4) primary requirements to maintain a
Chapter or Outpost:
1. Pay yearly dues, ($100.00). Not $200.00 as claimed by some unenlightened souls.
2. Maintain liability insurance for a Doins' and a liquor endorsement if alcohol is served.
3. Be Incorporated.
4. Follow the established Guidelines for the protection of PBC's.
That's it. It isn't that difficult given proper leadership. If a Chapter has difficulty
with some of these items, the Board of Proctors has means to help out, if asked.
People ask, "Why doesn't each Chapter have a representative on the Board of
Proctors?" Simply because it would be unmanageable with 43 people. It is barely
manageable with 15 members. Each member serves a minimum of 5 years, to a
maximum of 10 years. Chapters can only have one person on the Board at any given
time. This gives other Chapters an opportunity to have someone from their Chapter on
the Board of Proctors. Applications to be considered for appointment to the Board are
available on our website. Get involved if you are really interested, don't just sit back
and complain.
Contrary to what some would have you believe, being on the Board of Proctors is not a
'Good 01' Boy" fraternity. Any person chosen to the Board is carefully screened,
vetted, and examined to be sure they are capable of being a productive member.
Each person considered for appointment to the Board of Proctors is looked at as
having the potential to become the Sublime Noble Grand Humbug.
Recently, the Board of Proctors established a Chapter Representative Program.
That means that each Proctor, of which there are 15, including the 3 Sublime
officers, is responsible for 2 to 4 Chapters. The program does NOT tell Chapters
what to do. If Chapter leadership has a question, they have a Proctor to call.
Chapters needn't wait for a meeting of the Board of Proctors or Grand Council to
get help or answer questions.
Even with all these issues, E Clampus Vitus® is thriving, despite all the 'BS', we have
43 Chapters in 8 states and 4 Outposts who are enlightening more and more
individuals to what we are about. All I ask is that each one of us takes the responsibility
to either weed out or enlighten the misinformed so that we may bring harmony back to
E Clampus Vitus®

Jim 'Hightower" Waterman
Sublime Noble Grand
Humbug E Clampus Vitus®,
June 29, 2015