Bill Rodgers Co-Founded DSGG-1855 in 1974, served as NGH the year the Chapter was an Outpost and was the 1st NGH when the Chapter was Chartered in 1975. He was a two-fisted Brother and is missed by all that knew him. Bill was an amazing man and I have included below just a few of the things he did during his long life. 
A Timeline of Bill Rodgers life
1928---1st class of students that started as freshmen at Porterville High School to graduate.
1931---Graduated from Poterville College.
1936---Graduated from the University of Kansas.
1948-1975---Publisher and owner of the Farm Tribune News Paper.
1949---Portervilles Man of the Year. 
Co-founder of the Porterville Fair, and served on the Board for 35 years. 
1951-1952---President of the Porterville Rotary Club (Bill told them that "they would regret the day they let women join," right after it was voted in as he walked out the door).  Thats one of my favorite stories about Bill. 
1954---Chairmen of the Republican Central Committee and was a member of the California Republican State Committee.
1959-1963 Porterville City Council Member.
1961---He helped launch the Porterville Centinial Celebration. 
1962---Helped launch the Jackass Mail Run.
Served on the first local Agency Information Commision. 
1963-1967---Mayor of Porterville.
1974---Co-Founder of Doctor Samuel Gregg Gearge Chapter-1855.
Thirty year member of the Porterville Elks.
For 30 years Bill Co-Produced with Buck Shaffer, the Porterville City of Hope Spectacular.

SATISFACTORY!!!!...and so recorded!