Jimmie Dale Chrisco II
Entered this life: May 28,1964
entered clamperdom 2006
passed on to the golden hills march 3, 2008
graveyard services march 12, 2008 12:00pm lindsay cemetery lindsay, ca.

jimmie was best known to the brothers of doctor samuel gregg george as the owner of the driftwood traven.  jimmie became a clamper in 2006 and immediately opened his doors to the antics of the redshirts.  jimmie was a born clamper with a generous heart and fun loving attitude.  jimmie you will be missed greatly.  what say the brothern?
Cookie was born July 3, 1942.  Went to the golden hills on May 19, 2008 or Clamper year 6013.  Cookie was what a clamper was sussposed to be.  when you think of a clamper you think of cookie.  there was always a chair to sit on, food to eat, and a bottle to pass in his camp.  there were no strangers in red shirts to cookie only clampers he had not met yet.  cookies last offical act as a clamper was to bestow the clamper of the year at the grand council meeting in sonora on may 17th.  it was an honor to help cookie into the meeting hall that day.  later that evening stinky was wheeling cookie around the camp grounds to visit, something cookie rarely did at grand council, i told my widder he is saying goodbye to everyone.  we just did not know it was going to be so soon.  cookie will be missed greatly by his brothers at doctor samuel gregg george even though he was a member of peter lebec cookie always made it to a lot of our events and was a big part of our chapter.  cookie there will always be a chair for you at my camp, come and visit.   what say the brothern?
Kenneth "Cookie" Young
Golden Hills
Daniel (Dan) Boone
Dan passed away 6-30-11 at his house with his family at his side.  Dan joined Doctor Samuel Gregg George Chapter 1855 in the early 70's rising through the ranks and becoming Humbug in 1986.  After being Humbug Dan became the Gold Dust Reciever and held that post for many, many years.  If you talked about Clampers you thought of Dan.  He was always quick to lend a hand at whatever needed done at a doin's and to offer advise to others if they needed it or even when they didn't.  Dan was a fixture in our Chapter for many years and will be missed greatly by those of us who knew him, and will become a legend to those who hear of him in storys around the campfire.  Rest in Peace Dan, save me a seat round the campfire in those Golden Hills