Doctor Samuel Gregg George  Chapter 1855
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Methusela Clampout/Candlight ininiation 

It's that time of the year to pack your mules for the trip up the mountain. A chance to get out of the valley floor's heat and enjoy some tasty vittles, libations and some good times with Brothers. This time we are trying a Candle Light Initiation as well so round up the ones that can not pick up 50 pounds of Donkey doo. Guide the old, tired and weak ones up the hill for an elevated chance to wear a Red Shirt! And as always there will be a Horse Shoe Tourney so massage your shoulders to chuck the shoes. Directions will follow.

Open Letter from the SNGH
If you haven't been getting any mailers click on email the Recorder to the left of this page and send your info directly to the Recorder.  We have a new Recorder. Be advised we only send out a few fliers every year so dont expect to get one right away just when it gets close to a major doins such as Dedication or Widders night.
Camp Methuselah